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The Truth and Other Lies

Book of the Week, for BBC Radio 4

Sascha Arango


Narrated by:

Jamie Parker


2 hrs and 15 mins

Release date:




Recorded at:

BBC Broadcasting House


BBC Radio 4

In 'Reading Europe', Radio 4 continues its journey across Europe exploring the best in contemporary literature with this hugely successful German thriller set on a small cliff-top town in which everyone has a secret.
Famous novelist, with a beautiful wife, grand house in the country and more money than he can spend - Henry Hayden has it all. Or so it seems. His perfect life rests on one carefully constructed lie, a lie he will stop at nothing to protect. He has been lucky until now, but when he makes one fatal error, the whole dream begins to unravel.
Today: Henry's editor - and mistress - has some news...
Reader: Jamie Parker
Abridger: Sally Marmion
Producer: Justine Willett
Writer: Sascha Arango is one of Germany's most renowned screenwriters, whose award-winning crime dramas are television events of the year. This, his first novel, has been a huge bestseller in Germany.
Translated by Imogen Taylor.

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