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Hall of Mirrors

Drama on 3

Robert Hudson and Susanna Pearse


Narrated by:

Jamie Parker, Patsy Ferran and cast


1 hr and 26 mins

Release date:




Recorded at:

BBC Broadcasting House


BBC Radio 3

Robert Hudson and Susannah Pearse bring us a musical about the great economist John Maynard Keynes and his journey through the great crises of the early 20th century. Dreams of freedom battle demands for vengeance as clashing cultures come alive in a kaleidoscope of songs, ranging from folk to power pop.
We begin in Paris in 1919. Keynes is convinced that the Peace Treaty of Versailles is going to be a disaster; inadvertently creating inequality, fear and populism. Insisting that he will remain a dispassionate observer of events, Keynes befriends the idealistic American delegate Honor Whary, who is determined to build a better world. As Keynes prophesises that Honor's dreams will turn to heartbreak, he is caught off guard when the story takes an altogether more hopeful course.
Jamie Parker, Patsy Ferran and members of the cast perform songs in this sweeping story about nationalism, populists, inequality and how global disasters need bridges not walls.

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