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2022's best audiobooks of the year

Jamie's recording of Katherine Rundell's brilliant 'Super-Infinite - The Transformations of John Donne' has made 2 broadsheet lists of best audiobooks of 2022, in both the Financial Times and the Sunday Times.

FT full article here

The Sunday Times list also featured a second collaboration between Katherine Rundell and Jamie - her wonderful book for children aged 5-7, 'The Zebra's Great Escape'.

Sunday Times full article here

These follow glowing reviews for Super-Infinite after its release earlier in the year. The Times praising Jamie's voice as 'engagingly intimate and deeply serious, and projects Donne’s words so that they live on in the listener’s mind.' (original article here) And one audible customer describing it as 'the best audiobook I've ever listened to. Just beautiful.' (here)


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