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A thrilling third instalment in the Jude Lyon series. Jude Lyon of MI6 has narrowly foiled the traitor Fowle's plot to level London, but the public are demanding answers. Answers the government doesn't have. As the country reels, a new populist political figure carves a stratospheric trajectory—but is he all he seems? In Moscow the President is furious. The world now knows the destructive power of the programme his people had been developing, and as the Russians scramble to understand how it got into Fowle's hands, they start to worry that perhaps it could be used against them... But Jude Lyon has just one question on his mind: Guy Fowle is missing, with nothing left to lose, So what is he planning next? Seething with political machinations, burning with blood-thumping action, and featuring the best returning MI6 operative since James Bond, The Survivor brings the espionage novel crashing into the modern day. ©2022 Simon Conway (P)2022 Hodder & Stoughton Limited

The Survivor

Jude Lyon, Book 3

Simon Conway


Narrated by:

Jamie Parker


10 hrs and 22 mins

Release date:




Recorded at:

Home Studio, for Heavy Entertainment


Hodder & Stoughton


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