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The Great History Boys Reunion

Interview, for Distinct Nostalgia podcast

Ashley Byrne


Narrated by:

Jamie Parker, Sam Barnett, Sacha Dhawan


1 hr and 5 mins

Release date:




Recorded at:

Home Studio


Distinct Nostalgia

As Alan Bennett's Talking Heads are revived for TV, we've a special treat for fans of Alan's hit 'The History Boys'. We've assembled three of the now famous original cast of the iconic stage play and movie for a great History Boys Reunion. The show helped launched the careers of eight young actors - Samuel Barnett, Russell Tovey, Jamie Parker, James Corden, Samuel Anderson, Dominic Cooper, Sacha Dhawan and Andrew Knott. Here Sam who played Posner, Jamie who was Scripps and Sacha who played Akthar join MIM's Ashley Byrne for a trip down memory lane.

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